A Trick to Treatin

 calico manxHalloo Calico Manx here. Hope you are well.

Halloween is coming up soon, and I’ve been thinking about the holiday through the years. I remember as kids, my brother Ronnie and I would trick or treat in the neighborhood. We’d usually come home with quite a haul.

When we got home one year, I remember Ma was upset because she had run out of candy. Ma was a kind hearted person who liked it when everyone got what was coming to him or her. On Halloween, kids were supposed to get candy and she had none to give.

Something I can’t stand to this very day is to watch a woman cry. If there’s a way to make a woman stop crying, I will find a way do something about it. I have learned the hard way that some women will never stop crying and there’s nothing I can do about it. But on that Halloween night, Ronnie and I both knew what we had to do. We dumped out our full bags on the table, took out the Three Musketeers (for Ronnie) and Swedish Fish (for me), and gave the rest to Ma to hand out. Then we went back out and tricked and treated for more candy to hand out.

Years later, I heard the term regifting, and I suppose that’s what we were doing. We were regifting the Halloween candy. Ma said she was proud of us boys for being so giving. I must’ve been around twelve, and Ronnie would’ve been ten. We were getting too old for Halloween anyway.

The last time I did the trick or treating was when the twins were little. I’d walk with them around the neighborhood while my wife passed out candy. My favorite part of the night was coming home and seeing my wife sitting under the porch light with a big plastic bowl filled with sweets. The twins would run up the steps into the house to count and sort their loot. I would stand and look at her in awe. Who was this amazing woman? She never ran out of candy.