Movie Technology

calico manxHalloo Calico Manx here.

I am resolved to write two blogs a month even though sometimes the writing is hard. Sometimes I sit with my hands on the keys and I just look at the curser blinking on and off and on and off. I think I will just put down the thoughts in my head; then I realize I have no thoughts in my head.

I don’t panic when I have no thoughts in my head. I just get up and open up a beer. Sometimes, I pet the cats. Floater is slowly starting to win over Pirate although I still have to feed them separately. Pirate now tolerates being in the same room as Floater but draws the line at sharing a piece of furniture.

I recently learned how to stream movies onto my computer. Now, I’m sure most of you have been doing that for years, but I’m an old man and all these neat technological things come slow to me. I recently asked my Twin Girl about Twitter because Julio said I should get a Twitter account. She explained it to me, but it still made no sense. Why do they call the pound signs (#) hash tags?

I am excited that I can see movies on my computer. I don’t have a television, just a radio which I listen to a lot. It’s amazing to me that I can watch whatever I want whenever I want. I just have to click it and there it is.

I’ve been watching a lot of George Clooney movies lately. I liked that Good Night and Good Luck and Syriana, but I fell asleep watching The Descendents (sorry, George). I also noticed that Kevin Spacey has a new series in which he plays a politician. Maybe I’ll check that out next.

Signing off.