The Characters

Meet the minds behind Twaddle Squawk


Bootsie is a sock puppet with a dream – seduced by internet fame, Bootsie will stop at nothing until she has her own reality TV show.  In the meantime, she pops balloons while spewing her own post-feminist, post-marionette viewpoints on contemporary cinema as Twaddle Squawk’s film critic.

Bunny has lots to say about love and all that mushy shit because she’s a she, and shes learn all about the heart’s issues really early on.



The Devi-Llama is (mostly) human. He lives to learn, loves to eat, and laughs at life’s little things. Except ants, for which he has a healthy respect.



Tired of chasing his own tail in circles, Burford R. Gerrymander has taken up an equally exhausting task: trying to make sense out of what’s happening in politics.
Lured by the fire hydrant-shaped Capitol, Burford is now sticking around to keep the politicos and pundits on a short leash. Watch out Washington, his snark is worse than his bite…



The Honey Badger lives in a very cushy cave where she reads lots of books about the brain and stuff… she doesn’t like to go out much, because people are a massive pain in the ass.  Quote: “If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”

Editor El is Captain of the Twaddle Squawk ship, and the one who invited all these wild folks to write for it… she is a writer/photographer/and/starving-artist-in-general – so she understands the value of a creative forum like this.

Sir Fox Face is your friendly neighborhood meta-analyzing, philosophizing, twaddle-squawking gentlebeast. He asks you: What are you going to do with a degree in THAT?



Zebra Sally is a starving do-a-litte-bit-of-this-and-a-lot-of-that-er – Chief among the thats is playwriting – she’s even been produced in NY and published and stuff.  But, even though you might-maybe have heard of her (if you were some kind of playwright paparazzi or something), she’s still practically living out of a tin can “because creative people are idiots and don’t realize the value of going to medical school when they have the chance.”   Still, even though her muse has waltzed her very near debtor’s prison, she’s pretty happy crafting pictures with words out there in the land of the 99%.



Chef Oink is not a cannibal… she just eats a lot of pork.



Calico Manx lives on an island. He doesn’t want to say where. He’s done a lot of this and that. He doesn’t want to say what. He’s never written a blog before, but he thought he’d give it a shot.